Serpent Diff Gear 10T + 20T (4+2) V2
Serpent Diff Gear 10T + 20T (4+2) V2

Serpent Diff Gear 10T + 20T (4+2) V2

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Serpent release a new internal gear-set for the  Cobra differentials.  Improved gearmesh / tooth-shape  create even smoother diff-action than before.  

The gears fit all current Serpent Cobra gear-diffs of the Buggy, E-buggy,  Truggy and GT.  Before the 10T gears were mounted with a backing shim, but are now mounted without shims, so less parts making it even easier for assembly as well.

Testing so far showed that when using the new gears, you need to use at least  2.000 cst heavier oil than before. This will make the diffs run more consistent, also during those long finals.

Set by step all Cobra kits and gear-diffs will be  converted using these new gears.

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