Serpent Viper 989 1/8 GP On Road Race Kit

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The Serpent Viper 989 is the latest development of Serpent on the 1/8 gas market. Serpent has been the driving force for decades and the Viper 989 is the latest interpretation of a high performance race car based on that experience, combined with the latest insights on weight, weight distribution and flex.

  • Ultra-narrow chassis with improved flex characteristics.
  • Carbon weight bridge which is mounted in anti-vibration rubbers.
  • The central weight bridge allows the use of max 3 weights
  • One-piece plastic radio mount is replaced by a 2-piece aluminum construction
  • Rear bulkheads are now also connected to the rear plate to improve the stiffness
  • Brake now features a 2.5mm thick disc
  • A new shorter internal gear ratio of 2.4 helps acceleration
  • Completely new gearbox has less inertia than the one from the 988
  • New tank seal keeps a higher pressure

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