7 Best Gifts for RC Enthusiasts

Nothing can be more confusing than choosing a gift for your loved ones. You would have a lot of options before you. The best way to narrow down your options is to have an idea about what they love or what their hobbies are.

What if your loved one is crazy about RC cars that he spends most weekends on the track racing or at the garage tuning their RC vehicle? There can't be a better gift for such people than gifting them something related to RC vehicles.

But what should you buy them? What are the different options you have? What would he/she be wanting?

There are a lot of options when it comes to gifting something related to RC vehicles. The key is to get them something that they love, something that would surprise them.

In this article, we have compiled a list of exciting gifts that you can give an RC enthusiast.

But before we delve into them, there are certain things you ought to know before spending money on a gift.

Things you ought to know before you buy a gift for an RC enthusiast. 

The following are certain things you ought to know before you buy them a gift. In fact, knowing these can also help you choose the best gift for them:

  • Know what they like

Knowing what they like doesn't mean knowing the brand or variant of the RC vehicle they prefer. You should dig a little deep to know whether they have any specific interests or not.

For instance, if they are into RC cars, try and know whether they have plans to upgrade their RC car. If they have, know what they are planning to upgrade. An upgrade can be anything from news tires, suspension, or even a new motor. Know this, and you will be one step closer to finding out the right gift.

If you don’t know much about RC parts, you can ask someone who knows more about RC cars for guidance and suggestions.

  • Know whether they are sponsored drivers or not

Like formula races & rallies, some RC drivers are sponsored by brands. If they are sponsored by one specific brand, you can’t expect them to use products from other brands.

Now that you have an idea of the prerequisites let's jump into some awesome gift ideas.

Best Gift Ideas for RC Enthusiasts

  1. A New RC Vehicle

This is quite an obvious choice and the first one on our list. If you are willing to spend money, you can think of getting them a brand-new RC vehicle with better performance than the one they already own. This would, for sure, surprise them.

Else you can gift them a different type of RC vehicle than the one they already own. For instance, if they are using an RC vehicle with an IC engine, you can get them an electric-powered one.

  1. Batteries

Batteries make an excellent gift for an RC Hobbyist if they are using an electric RC vehicle. An electric RC owner would always want more batteries for more playtime. If you are confused about buying a battery, you contact our RC vehicle experts.

  1. Toolkits

If you live around an RC enthusiast, you can see that they spend most of the time in their workshop working on their RC vehicle. They generally tend to spend time fine-tuning the parts to prepare their vehicle for the next event.

Keep in mind that toolkits for RC cars can be expensive, but you can't beat them when it comes to the best gift for an RC Enthusiast. You can either get an entire tool kit or get the tools they want the most.

Some tools that you should consider giving an RC enthusiast are body-arm reamers, break-in stands, brushes, car stands, Dremel, pit-table accessories, tool bag pouch, etc.

Buy Tools for RC Vehicles

  1. Accessories or Upgrade Parts

No RC vehicle owner would dislike an accessory for their vehicle or parts for upgrade. Accessories like shock oil, LED lights, glow plug igniters, battery testers, and extra vehicle bodies can be valued gifts for an RC vehicle owner.

If you are willing to invest more, you can get them parts for a performance upgrade. Mind you, upgrade parts can be expensive so before you spend money on a part, make sure that it will suit their vehicle.

If you aren't much into RC cars, it would be best to seek the help of a professional before buying an upgrade part.

  1. A good Lipo charger

If you own an electric RC vehicle, you would know how useful Lipo chargers can be. Charging Lipo batteries fast at the track is very important, and trust me, a Lipo charger can be a good option as a gift for an electric RC vehicle owner.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of Lipo chargers available in the market. Do some research before you invest your money on a charger and gift them a good Lipo charger.

  1. Get them a subscription to RC car magazines or a ticket to an RC event

Gifting them a yearly or quarterly subscription to an RC Magazine can be an excellent gifting option. Some magazines that you should consider are RC Car Action, Velocity, RC Racer.

If you are looking forward to surprising them, get them an entry into some RC vehicle events. There are a lot of RC vehicle events happening around. All you need is to find an exciting event and get them an entry ticket.

  1. Take them out for a surprise photoshoot

You can hire a professional photographer to capture some action shots while they take their vehicle for a spin. Trust me, RC enthusiasts love amazing action photographs. 

You can even plan and make the photographer click some candid photographs without them knowing. Get the photographs, frame them, and surprise them.


Choosing a gift for the people you love can be quite daunting, especially finding a gift for an RC enthusiast. As said earlier, the first thing to do is to try and understand what they need and decide how much money you are willing to spend.

We hope that this article helped you get some ideas on the possible gifts for an RC enthusiast. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any more queries or feedback.

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