Spektrum AR620 DSMX 6-Channel Sport Receiver
Spektrum AR620 DSMX 6-Channel Sport Receiver

Spektrum AR620 DSMX 6-Channel Sport Receiver

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The Spektrum AR620 air receiver is a full-range, 6-channel sport receiver with DSMX/DSM2 compatibility and a compact footprint that’s streamlined to fit in a wide range of models.

More than just a simple box that connects your servos, the AR620 features an internal antenna design that delivers a whole new world of installation ease that includes a higher-level of durability and convenience while maintaining superior full-range performance for your electric or engine powered aircraft.

In addition, the AR620 has been integrated with fly-by range telemetry that includes flight log and receiver battery pack voltage data. Access to telemetry is automatic when used with telemetry-capable Spektrum transmitters.* There’s nothing to do in order to enjoy the peace-of-mind instantly knowing receiver battery voltage offers.

No more bind plugs! Instead, a large bind button is used to enter the bind mode. All combined Spektrum gives you more in a basic receiver, like the AR620, so that you can fly with the highest sense of confidence possible and have more fun.


  • Compact low-cost, full-range DSMX receiver with telemetry
  • Antenna-less design increases convenience, performance and durability
  • Integrated flight log and receiver voltage telemetry with fly-by range
  • Streamlined, end-pin design in a lightweight hard-case
  • Large bind-button eliminates the need for the old bind plug
  • Lightweight park flyer-size with full-range performance
  • Ideal for most aircraft including indoor sport models
  • Capable of low latency 11ms and standard 22ms Frame Rates.

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