T.A. Emerald Clean Nitro Cleaner (13.5 oz)
T.A. Emerald Clean Nitro Cleaner (13.5 oz)

T.A. Emerald Clean Nitro Cleaner (13.5 oz)

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This is 13.5oz can of Nitro Clean Precision Cleaner. Nitro cleaner is used to remove dirt and debris buildup on nitro engines and cars.

  • Safe on plastics, car (lexan)  bodies, metal and radio gear.
  • Friendly trigger and forceful spray
  • Removes dirt, oil residue, grease, grime from engines and cars
  • Evaporates quickly with no residue left over
  • Ozone friendly, contains no CFCs or HCFCs

One 13.5oz can of Nitro Cleaner with one attachment spray tube.

Special Note:
This item can not be shipped by air service or Internationally 

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