Team Orion ProGlow Buggy 4 (Turbo Plug)

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Team Orion ProGlow Buggy 4 (Turbo Plug)
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The ProGlow no 4 is our new turbo glow plug for off-road engines. This glow plug makes the engine setup easier, improves the idling stability and gives a cleaner bottom end throttle response. It is produced with the highest quality standards to ensure best durability and stability. This glow plug is recommended as standard glow plug for all off-road engines using turbo plugs.

Jared Tebo used the ProGlow no 4 in his Team Orion CRF engine to win the NEO12 race!

Team Orion Proglow Glow Plugs are specifically designed for the requirements of todays engines. The lower the number, the warmer the glow plug. Warmer glow plugs are used for lower performance engines, fuel with low nitro content, or difficult running and tuning conditions. Colder plugs are used for high performance engines, higher nitro content fuel and fine tuned engines which are running a leaner fuel mixture. Many high performance car engines use turbo type glow plugs. Make sure you choose the right glow plug for your engine.

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