Team Orion Racing TORSION ESC Program Box
Team Orion Racing TORSION ESC Program Box

Team Orion Racing TORSION ESC Program Box

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The Torsion Program Box allows the performance of the Torsion Controllers to be fine tuned for maximum performance.

The following settings can be adjusted and saved using the Torsion Program Box: BRAKES Brake strength, frequency, drag brake, initial brake, and punch can be adjusted to reach the ultimate brake feeling. THROTTLE Frequency, punch control, and dead band settings allow fine tuning the Torsion Controllers to any motor type in any vehicle to reach the ideal power band. MOTOR TIMING Timing setup is a must on larger tracks to increase power and top speed. Other adjustable features using the optional Torsion Program Box include Forward/Brake or Forward/Brake/Reverse mode, BEC voltage adjustment, Low voltage cut-off, Temperature cut-off, and Motor rotation direction.

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