Tekin Gen4 Eliminator Motor 13mm Red Torque Rotor (3.5T)
Tekin Gen4 Eliminator Motor 13mm Red Torque Rotor (3.5T)

Tekin Gen4 Eliminator Motor 13mm Red Torque Rotor (3.5T)

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Tekin’s GEN4 Lineup introduces the Eliminator purpose built Drag Racing motor, engineered for award-winning performance. Utilizing Oversized Ultra Torque rotors and the best materials available, we designed the Eliminator to cut weight while reducing resistance, resulting in a purebred Drag Racing machine. From Pro Mod to Street Eliminator classes, the Eliminator motors create huge power across all RPMs whenever you need it. The GEN4 Eliminator is competition performance with the speed and power you need to gap the competition.

Input Voltage: 1-2S LiPO - 2.5T / 3.5T / 4.0T / 4.5T / 5.0T

Weight: 5.1oz / 145g

Shaft Dimensions: 3.18mm (1/8") x 15.3mm

Motor Diameter: 35.85mm / 1.40"

Motor Length: 50.25mm / 1.978"
Max Operating Temperature: 180°F / 82°C

Bearing Dimensions: Front: 4x13x5mm

                                     Rear: 1/8x3/8x5/32"

Rotor Size: 13mm TORQUE RED - 3.5T / 4.0T / 4.5T / 5.0T
                    13.5mm ULTRA TORQUE YELLOW - 2.5T

Rebuildable: Yes

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