Thunder Power RC G6 Sport Race 35C 6600mAh 2-Cell/2S 7.4V Lipo Battery
Thunder Power RC G6 Sport Race 35C 6600mAh 2-Cell/2S 7.4V Lipo Battery

Thunder Power RC G6 Sport Race 35C 6600mAh 2-Cell/2S 7.4V Lipo Battery

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Generation 6 (G6) chemistry delivers the lightest, most powerful, longest lasting and fastest charge rate capable LiPo batteries yet. G6 series batteries offer the highest energy and power density in high-discharge rate capable LiPo technology, weighing less and delivering up to 60% more power and 100% more cycle life than recent generation LiPo batteries. That means more power at less weight for up to an incredible 600+ cycles while also being capable of technology-leading charge rates up to 12C* for charge times of as little as 5 minutes or less. This industry-leading performance and capability comes as a result of building G6 cells using the latest in high-quality Japanese-made materials with advanced technologies and optimized compositions not found in other cells. These technologies and materials, combined with the refined Premium Stack Technology (PST) construction, results in the lowest possible internal resistance (IR) and operating temps for maximum cycle life and the lowest cost per cycle.

LiPoly batteries not only perform well, they are also safe. You can carry out comprehensive pack maintenance using the balancing connector. Use with Thunder Power's 205V balancer for packs up to 5 cells to ensure that each cell is properly balanced and matched to give optimal performance and safety for their entire life.

Always carefully follow the recommended safety guidelines when charging LiPo batteries. When charging or storing your Lithium Polymer batteries it is also recommended to use a fire retardant bag.

  • Increased flight time (about twice that of comparable NiMH packs)
  • Significantly decreased weight compared to NiMH or NiCd packs
  • Smaller physical size to easily fit in your RC aircraft
  • No memory effect
  • The ability to supply current at high rates
Specifications for the Thunder Power RC 6600mAh 2-Cell/2S 7.4V
  • Max Charge: 5C
  • Max Cont. Discharge: 12C
  • Max Burst Discharge: 70C
  • Max Charge Current: 33A
  • Max Cont. Current: 231A
  • Max Burst Current: 462A
  • Weight (grams): 341
  • Dimensions H x W x L (mm): 30 x 46.5 x 138
  • Connectors: Traxxas
  • Case Medium

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