Traxxas SportTraxx 3.8
Traxxas SportTraxx 3.8' Soft Tires w/Foam Insert (2)

Traxxas SportTraxx 3.8" Soft Tires w/Foam Insert (2)

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The original, proven, SportTraxx tire design is available in a low-profile size to fit standard 3.8” wheels. They feature a super-soft rubber compound with a directional and asymmetrical tread pattern. The aggressive, multi-angled square spikes provide many sharp, gripping edges. There is a left and right tire in each package. Rotation direction changes depending on whether each tire is mounted in the front or the rear. High tech foam inserts complete the package for optimum traction and handling. The total weight savings when the stock tires are replaced with SportTraxx tires is 124 grams.

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