Traxxas TQi Radio System 2.0 Telemetry Expander
Traxxas TQi Radio System 2.0 Telemetry Expander

Traxxas TQi Radio System 2.0 Telemetry Expander

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Traxxas telemetry changes the game by allowing you to monitor and record real-time data from your vehicle while you drive. Add the GPS module to the water-sealed Telemetry Expander and track the actual speed of your vehicle in real-time! The Telemetry Expander accepts up to six auto-detectable sensors in addition to the three standard Traxxas sensors. There are currently three auto-detectable sensors to select from: voltage, temperature, and GPS. The Traxxas Link application automatically recognizes sensors, so setup takes only a few moments! Advanced communication bus technology allows you to connect the telemetry expander to your TSM receiver or to your High-Voltage Power Amplifier, or directly to the VXL-6s and VXL-8s electronic speed controls with optional data cables. Install the Telemetry Expander, choose your sensors, and prepare for an all-new RC driving experience!

  • Includes receiver data cable (optional data cables available)
  • Installs quickly and easily; no parts to replace or swap
  • Waterproof case keeps the expander safe from the elements
  • Six available ports for connecting auto-detectable plug and play sensors
  • Ready to accept plug-in GPS Speed Module (part #6551X, sold separately)

Important Note:
The new GPS Module 2.0 (#6551X) and Telemetry Expander 2.0 (#6550X) replace the original Telemetry Expander (#6550) and GPS Module (#6551). The originals are not compatible with the new 2.0 versions.

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