Venom 2S 4000mAh 20C 7.4V HardCase W/Deans
Venom 2S 4000mAh 20C 7.4V HardCase W/Deans

Venom 2S 4000mAh 20C 7.4V HardCase W/Deans

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This is a Venom 2S 4000mAh 20C 7.4V HardCase with Deans Connector. Designed to handle the high-current demands of today's R/C Power Systems, Venom Li-Power Lithium batteries feature fully enclosed hard cases to protect cells from the elements. All of our hardcase  batteries are equipped with our proprietary Universal Plug System and Heavy-duty 12AWG wire leads with integrated balance connector plugs.

*NOTE: Same form factor as a standard 6 cell NiMH pack to fit Tamiya vehicles.


ROAR Approved

Battery Type:
Lithium Polymer (LiPO)
Configuration: 2S1P
7.76 oz.
24.8 x 47.8 x 138.5mm
Charge Rate:
3C (12A)
Continuous Discharge:
20C (80A)
Min Discharge Volts Per Pack:
Max Burst Rate:
40C (160A)
Max Volts Per Cell:
Max Volts Per Pack:

Watt Hours: 29.6

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