XACTRC 3 Box Set
XACTRC 3 Box Set

XACTRC 3 Box Set

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3 Box Set for OGIO®  Bag

Our 3 box set will help you keep your OGIO® bag organized and looking clean. We have put months of designs, testing and finalizing the size of the boxes help to optimize the workable space in your bag. Using a heavy weight 3mm corrugated plastic, the box structures offer durability at the lightest weigh possible. 

The smaller box (12x8x3in) sits in between the wheel carrier covers and sit practically flush with them once installed.  This maximizes the usable space between them while allowing the bag structure (wheel carrier covers) to aid in the support of the lower box.

The two larger boxes (15x9x6in) give you the most room to organize and place your RC equipment. Utilizing the full width of the bag just before the taper, and the depth up to the zipper line (we didn't want to waste any usable space for you).  There is still room above the zipper line to store your smaller/softer items between the boxes and the OGIO® bag cover.

Each box also includes handles for easy removal and loading into your bag.  The sticker sheet included gives you stickers for the handles and one sticker to place on the outside flap of each box. 

Set includes:

  • Small box (1)
  • Large box (2)
  • Box handle (3)
  • Sticker sheet (1)
Please Note: Bag is not included. This is just for the three boxes.

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