XRAY 2mm Graphite Upper Deck (Rubber-Spec)
XRAY 2mm Graphite Upper Deck (Rubber-Spec)

XRAY 2mm Graphite Upper Deck (Rubber-Spec)

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This is a replacement XRAY 2mm Graphite Upper Deck for use with the XRAY T3  Rubber-Spec. This Upper Deck has been CNC-machined from premium-grade 2mm graphite material, and is designed and optimized for rubber-tire racing. This top deck is machined from thinner graphite material to provide higher grip, and is wider in front and in rear for proper torsion and flex to reduce unwanted tweak in crashes.

The elongated 1-piece top deck mount is a unique design in itself, using new composite middle shaft bearing holders to allow the top deck mount to be mounted independently from the central bulkheads. This helps to separate and elongate the flex points between the front and rear bulkheads, thus resulting in increased traction. The top deck includes 3 mounting positions for aluminum stands to connect the top deck to the chassis.

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