XRAY High Speed Ball Bearing 5x10x4 (Rubber Sealed)
XRAY High Speed Ball Bearing 5x10x4 (Rubber Sealed)

XRAY High Speed Ball Bearing 5x10x4 (Rubber Sealed)

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Brand: XRAY
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This is set of two replacement 5x10x4mm bearings for the XRAY T2/T3 family of vehicles. These bearings are used to support the drive axles. Top-quality professional ball bearings for a super-free, super-smooth drive train. These highest quality ball bearings are fitted with special rubber covers, and are degreased and lightly oiled with Aero Shell Fluid 12 oil for maximum smoothness, long life, highest tolerance and maximum performance. These ball bearings have more (and larger) balls inside the cage than the regular ball bearings, making them much more resilient under loads. The side covers are easy to remove for quick and comfortable servicing.

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