XRAY M18 Pro Lipo - 4wd Shaft Drive
XRAY M18 Pro Lipo - 4wd Shaft Drive

XRAY M18 Pro Lipo - 4wd Shaft Drive

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With technology and innovation moving forward at an astonishing pace, XRAY is right at the forward edge. Since the innovation of the M18 micro racecar, XRAY has steadily improved upon its design to make it better, stronger, lighter, and faster… a winner against all competition. With innovative new LiPo battery technology constantly at our doorsteps, XRAY proudly introduces the M18 PRO LiPo.

Based on the legendary M18 platform – which at its debut was one of the most innovative model cars of the last decade – the M18 PRO focused on high-level racing. Its ultra-successful concept resulted in numerous racing successes: multiple USA champion, and dozens of national titles around the world.

Now, the M18 PRO LiPo is the latest addition to the XRAY family and it features an all-new chassis, top deck, and battery holder system. Available as a black graphite kit – with silver and blue conversions – the new M18 PRO LiPo builds upon its previous generation by offering an update that accommodates the latest generation of LiPo battery technology.

The release of the first revolutionary shaft-driven 1/18 micro car – the XRAY M18 – was a huge success for XRAY which exceeded all expectations. The M18 has captured the hearts of the micro racing community, from drivers running for fun to the most hardcore racing enthusiasts... instantly making the M18 a modern legend. The M18 has spawned a multitude of micro-focused aftermarket companies, and has supported the creation of very active micro racing communities worldwide. As with any other ongoing developments, the M18 has also undergone close scrutiny by the XRAY Engineering Department to bring forward the next stage in its evolution – a race-oriented professional micro car, the M18 PRO.

Based on the legendary M18 platform, XRAY now presents the improved and refined M18 PRO... redesigned with high-performance racing in mind. The M18 PRO’s progressive design embodies an enhanced driving experience...from the purpose-built performance chassis... to the unique revolutionary XRAY Multi-Flex Technology™ top deck... to the externally-adjustable ball diffs... to the race-oriented wheel mounting system. The M18 PRO was borne from racing DNA to chal
enge your racing skills on any track.

When it comes to setting new standards in the RC industry, it is always XRAY who has been at the forefront of bringing new and innovative engineering ideas and solutions, raising the bar and always quickly becoming a new market standard for others to follow. XRAY’s innovation & patent Multi-Flex Technology™ - MFT™ was originally designed for 1/10 touring cars, and has resulted in some of the most significant milestones in touring car development in the past few years. This innovation not only received numerous awards and honors, but it has proven to be a distinct competitive advantage at race tracks worldwide... helping XRAY dominate most races at local and national levels.

Now XRAY does it again! XRAY’s MFT™ now revolutionizes the micro platform in the new M18 PRO.

With the MFT™ top deck you can set up and adjust the M18 PRO for all different racing conditions. No matter if you drive on asphalt or carpet, using rubber or foam tires, you can quickly, easily and independently adjust MFT™ points on the top deck – front
or rear — to give you different flex characteristics. Tailoring a micro car to the track has never been this easy!

Owning an XRAY model racing car is an experience on its own. Not only will you own the most premium luxury model racing car, but you will also become a member of the prestigious family of XRAY owners with superb support and service from the XRAY factory. The XRAY Web portal features up-to-date racing news and latest product developments. If you have any questions, problems or comments, you can ask the XRAY Support Team or any XRAY Factory Team Driver on the XRAY support forum. You can even upload your own set-up sheets or download from the largest RC set-up database at the exclusive XRAY Virtual Set-up Sheet Database. And that is only the start of the VIP treatment you get by joining Team XRAY.

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