Xray RX8.2 1/8 On-Road Nitro Competition Racing Car Kit

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Development at XRAY never stops, nor does our pursuit of perfection. Evolving the RX8 to its present state has been a challenge for everyone at XRAY, and this new, re-designed version of the RX8 incorporates all the best features and ideas gathered over the past years. Enjoy the new RX8.

Based on its ultra-successful predecessor, XRAY proudly presents the new RX8 which incorporates the latest improvements and refinements gathered by the team, race-proven in all high-competition races around the world.

The road to realizing a dream is often filled with challenges, twists & turns, revelations & victories. Such was the literal truth in the pursuit of the ultimate racing machine, fuelled by passion and vision… a dream realized as the new RX8. With a full stable of nearly every imaginable RC car in the XRAY line-up, the center stage held an empty spot for a new flagship to showcase XRAY ideals, philosophy, and commitment to racing perfection.

New Features:
  • All-new narrower chassis with new rear end geometry improves traction
  • All-new lower rear suspension holders shift the rear arms 2.5mm inward for improved geometry
  • All-new steel extension plates for the rear suspension arms update the shock mounting geometry to work with the new narrow inner pivot location
  • All-new rear shock tower and upper arm holders to work with narrower rear bulkhead positions
  • New extended rear steel turnbuckles and upper ball joints to work with new narrow rear end
  • New longer rear pivot balls combined with the narrower inner pivot location update the rear suspension geometry for improved traction
  • All-new rear solid axle shaft and composite pulley for the new narrow rear end configuration
  • All-new front and rear bulkheads redesigned to work with new composite anti-roll bar bushings to extend the life of the bulkheads and eliminate unwanted play
  • All-new anti-roll bar adapters with less play
  • All-new front and rear wire anti-roll bars

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