Xray T4 2020 1/10 Electric Touring Car Aluminum Chassis Kit
Xray T4 2020 1/10 Electric Touring Car Aluminum Chassis Kit

Xray T4 2020 1/10 Electric Touring Car Aluminum Chassis Kit

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Since the release of the very first T1 back in 1999, Team XRAY has worked very hard to win the most acclaimed title of World Champion. Over the years, Team XRAY was a strong contender on many occasions and achieved several podium finishes at the World Championships, while the overall title slipped away by a fraction.

Finally, after almost 20 years of dedication and passion from our team of drivers and designers, the first World Champion title in the 1/10 electric touring class was achieved by XRAY’s Bruno Coelho.


  • New centralized drivetrain and long arm suspension platform


  • New motor/layshaft position improves weight transfer and chassis balance
  • Central layshaft positioned midway between front and rear differentials using new equal length Kevlar reinforced front and rear drive belts for more consistent on-power/off-power balance
  • Super narrow top shaft utilizes new 20T pulleys and pressed-in ball bearings to minimize space requirements


  • New 7mm longer front and rear suspension arms and narrow suspension holders improve traction and corner speed
  • Long suspension arms feature two shock mounting locations; the lower position combined with ULP shock towers to eliminate chassis roll and improve stability in high traction conditions
  • Super low anti-roll bar mounts to lower the vehicle CG
  • Redesigned anti-roll bar system features new front bars, smaller bushings and shorter ball joints designed for the new low CG mounting locations


  • New chassis plate features multiple suspension mounting provisions for long and short arm configurations and new bulkhead positions
  • Symmetrical top deck shape provides clearance around new central drivetrain pieces while maintaining even side to side chassis flex characteristics
  • Central motor mount positioned directly on chassis centerline for consistent chassis flex
  • Black anodized lower bulkheads are moved 1mm inward to increase clearance for new long arm suspension geometry
  • Narrowed upper clamps to match lower bulkheads and integrate with new shock towers
  • Lighter graphite floating servo holder and taller servo posts redesigned to work with new suspension and driveline geometry

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