Xray X1 2021 Luxury 1/10 F1 Chassis Kit
Xray X1 2021 Luxury 1/10 F1 Chassis Kit

Xray X1 2021 Luxury 1/10 F1 Chassis Kit

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Formula 1 racing is the pinnacle of automotive racing technology, where performance and technologies employed challenge the very laws of physics. Inspired by full-scale Formula 1 race cars and proved by long-term track results, XRAY presents the new World Championship winning 1/10 formula car, the XRAY X1.

Team Xray won the first ever World Cup Championship in South Africa. The dominating performance of XRAY was proven when 9 out of 10 A finalists used the X1 car. Jan Ratheisky used the 2019 prototype parts like the new top deck and the optional gear differential.

All New 2021 Features:
  • Development focused on improving durability, improving adjustability for better performance on a variety of surfaces, and resistance to chassis tweak after impacts
  • Tweak free design improvements achieved with a new rear center pivot mounting system and new pod components
  • All-new aluminum center pivot mounting system improves traction and stability of the car, eliminates tweak issues, and provides new adjustment choices to position the pivot point.
  • New one-piece bulkheads achieve maximum durability and eliminate tweak issues after a crash
  • Graphite rear upper plate redesigned to integrate with the new bulkheads to improve durability and to eliminate tweak after a crash
  • All-new graphite chassis side braces offer three different installation settings to alter chassis stiffness to match track conditions
  • New chassis plate updated for the rear pivot and chassis braces
  • New rear graphite brace integrates with the new side braces and wing mount
  • New front upper and lower arms improve strength and reliability while working with the new front tube system
  • New front tube system to adjust the stiffness of the front suspension
  • New aluminum front anti-roll bar holder lowers the CG
  • Longer front kingpins for greater range of front droop adjustment to improve the steering characteristics
  • Stealth looking black design
Box Contains:
  • X1 2021 Formula Kit
  • Lexan Formula Clear Body & Front Wing
Need To Complete Kit:
  • 2 Channel Radio System
  • Steering Servo
  • ESC and 540 size Motor
  • Battery pack and charger
  • Tires and wheels
  • Tools for assembly

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