AHZ R/C Ceramic Metal Shield Bearings 13x19x4mm (2pcs)
AHZ R/C Ceramic Metal Shield Bearings 13x19x4mm (2pcs)

AHZ R/C Ceramic Metal Shield Bearings 13x19x4mm (2pcs)

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This is a NEW set of bearings from Absolute Hobbyz and TKO Development. These bearings are Ceramic Metal Shield Bearings, size is 13x19x4mm. Two pieces are included in the package.

Kit Part Compatibility:
  • Serpent S811 Cobra 
  • Serpent S811 Cobra T 

  • Why Should You Use Ceramic Bearings:
    Our ceramic bearings are designed with inner and outer chrome steel races with high precission ceramic balls. Ceramic bearings are lighter weight than its equal in steel. Ceramic bearings also have more resistance to wear and corrosion (rust). Ceramic balls are more true in design with allows for less vibration, and ceramic on steel has less friction.

    Facts Of Ceramic Bearings:

    • Resistance To Wear: Ceramic balls due to their extreme hardness and percission have a much longer resistance to wear.
    • Lubrication: The design of ceramic bearings will allow them to perform with high performance under low or no lubrication. It is still recommended to use a light oil on these bearings.
    • Weight: Ceramic balls are 50-60% lighter than steel, whic dramically decreases the centrifugal rotating force.
    • Life: The life of a ceramic bearing under the same conditions as a steel bearing is 3-5 times as long.
    • Friction Value: Ceramic balls have a much lower friction resistance than steel. The surface of ceramic balls is much smoother.

    Best Performace Practice:

    With ceramic bearings, it is a good practice shim correctly and not tighten too much, and that you keep a well lubricated bearing.


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