ARRMA Shock Set (Length: 134mm) (Piston: 8x1.3)
ARRMA Shock Set (Length: 134mm) (Piston: 8x1.3)

ARRMA Shock Set (Length: 134mm) (Piston: 8x1.3)

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Part Number: ARA330832
GTIN: 5052127047401
Brand: ARRMA
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This Shock Set provides a pair of assembled shock absorbers filled with high-quality silicone shock oil for fast and efficient shock replacement on your vehicle.


  • High-quality anodized aluminum shock bodies, shock caps, shock seal caps and preload adjusters
  • Strong 4mm stainless steel shock shafts for long-lasting durability
  • Tough composite shock rod ends and spring retainers
  • Supplied assembled
  • Ready to bolt on to your vehicle after fitting your choice of spring
  • Shock boots included for shock shaft protection


2 x Assembled Shock Absorbers

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