Futaba 4GRS 4-Channel T-FHSS Telemetry Radio

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Completely newest stick 4 channel radio. 4GRS has a great number of features which live up to as a new model. T-FHSS system has super response and speed which is standard for top drivers. Of it's telemetry system bring a lot of benefit for a race drivers. 4GRS appeals strong presence among stick surface radio.


  • Ideal for crawlers, scale racers, competition boaters and racers
  • Dual ESC mixing for locking diffs, four wheel steering and independent brake mixing are ideal for extreme off-roading
  • External voltage, temperature, and RPM display (sensors not included and must be purchased separately)
  • Gyro mixing, and programmable mixing
  • S.Bus2
  • 40 model memory with 10 character model naming
  • Anti-skid braking system (ABS)
  • Throttle speed, cut, acceleration, EXP, and neutral selection

System Overview

  1. T-FHSS(Telemetry system) / S-FHSS / FHSS
  2. S.BUS2
  3. Backlit 128x64 LCD Screen
  4. 40 model Memory
  5. 10 Character Model Name
  6. Menu Selection
  7. Brake mixing for large cars (BRAKE)
  8. 4WS mixing for crawlers and other 4WS type (4WS)??
  9. Dual ESCs mixing for crawlers cars (DUAL ESC)
  10. Gyro mixing (GYRO MIX)
  11. CPS-1 mixing (CPS MIX)
  12. Advanced Breaking System(A.B.S)
  13. Throttle acceleration (ACCEL)
  14. Throttle speed (SPEED)
  15. Steering speed (SPEED)
  16. Racing timer (TIMER)
  17. Digital trim
  18. Function select switch / dial function (TRIM DIAL)
  19. MC Link Function
  20. Adjustable Trigger Position
  21. Tension adjustment function
  22. Mechanical ATL Adjustment
  23. Display switch
  24. Throttle Neutral switchable. (Ratchet, 5:5, 7:3)


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