Hudy Ultimate Digital Scale 300g./.01g
Hudy Ultimate Digital Scale 300g./.01g

Hudy Ultimate Digital Scale 300g./.01g

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With weight measurement and management being critical for modern RC cars (considering the abundance of strict racing regulations), the new HUDY Pocket Scale represents a new level of sophistication in precision and high-tolerance electronics (0.01g/0.001oz) for the most detail-oriented racer. Compact and light and powered by easy-to-obtain AAA batteries, the Pocket Scale provides the means for highly accurate and precise weight measurement on your workbench or in your pit at any race from club-level to international-level. From chassis trim weight measurement (to ensure adherence to racing regulations) to tire weight measurement (to balance the four corners of your on-road or off-road vehicle), the Pocket Scale offers easy-to-use and intuitive controls, auto-calibration, and an easy-to-read backlit LCD display. Whether it be static weighing or tare weighing, the HUDY Pocket Scale is a high-precision instrument to enhance your racing experience.

• Compact
• Lightweight
• AAA batteries
• Backlit LCD display
• Static & tare weighing
• Auto-calibration
• Ultra-high accuracy & precision
• Tolerance 0.01g/0.001oz


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