JConcepts Ellipse 2.2" 2WD Front Buggy Tires (Aqua) (2)

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The Ellipse, named after the center bar built into the tread, is a compliment to successful tires such as the Dirt Webs and Space Bars. The “Web” style tire was built to compete on smooth high-grip indoor and outdoor surfaces which require a finely detailed connected bar pattern. The center section of the tire is a home run utilizing a diamond “home plate” footprint to provide massive surface area for better footprint and increased longevity. The web of extensions is unique and has a directional touch giving the racer the ultimate tune-ability.

Jason Ruona explains, “The Ellipse front tire has a slightly wider carcass, it allows the driver to attack high-speed sections with more comfort and smooths the steering of a 2wd buggy. The “home plate” and connected web of tread has a large footprint and 1000’s of edges to produce steering connection. Connected tread wears together which is useful racing indoors where a racer requires surface area to produce steering.”

The Ellipse tires are available in a huge selection of compounds such as blue, green, aqua, gold and the ROAR National Champion, silver compound. As a rule of thumb, blue and green are compounds conditioned to perform outdoors while aqua, gold and silver remain the favorites indoors. Included in each package, the Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts known for their durable nature and gray color complete the race-tuned package.


  • Designed in conjunction with World Champions Ryan Maifield and Spencer Rivkin
  • Ellipse center-bar control and support
  • Diamond “home plate” design with extension webs
  • 2.2” bead mounting size for compatibility
  • Available in multiple compounds
  • Includes Dirt-Tech Closed cell foam inserts

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