JConcepts Fuzz Bite LP 2.2
JConcepts Fuzz Bite LP 2.2' (Wide) Pre-Mounted 2WD Front Buggy Tire (White) (Pink) (2)

JConcepts Fuzz Bite LP 2.2" (Wide) Pre-Mounted 2WD Front Buggy Tire (White) (Pink) (2)

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The team at JConcepts are always innovating and adding to an arsenal of fine racing tread patterns and compounds. The carpet and turf racing scene are hotter than ever, and with more courses, the team works harder than ever to deliver more options to a hungry crowd of racers. Introducing the pre-mounted Fuzz Bite in a wide body carcass, the 2wd front pin tire was designed into radius positioning to enhance the drive on a range of surfaces.

The Fuzz Bite front tire lands on a super low-profile, wide body carcass and mounted on the popular #3347 front wheel. The super low stance provides quick transition at high-speed and minimizes side-wall deflection and roll. The pin is specially built in a reverse “water tower” shape planting the larger base at the bottom and narrowing at the top for precision. The pins are placed in a radius and repeated for a healthy nest of pins to dig deep into matting in office carpet or tight knit CRC carpeting.

Always looking to improve, the R&D team focused on something that is not currently available, a wide 2wd front fitted to the JConcepts standard width from wheel. The result, a wider contact patch, smoother drive, and peak performing stability. The already proven Fuzz Bite alternating rows of pins provides side-bite, top steering response and the tightness of the package creates a nimble racing vehicle. The arrangement of the pins promotes good wear characteristics and traction longevity. The Fuzz Bite incorporates a small radial rib on the outside with an angular cross to give consistent cornering but also additional mid-corner steering.

A unique feature on the Fuzz Bite is the scalloped tire bead which removes a lot of weight from a normally beefy area. The tips of the bead touch off the inner beads on the wheel which lead to a great alignment but now with reduced un-sprung weight. During the gluing process, it is also handy to have some breathing room for the glue to process and the geometry gives many edges and ledges to adhere to.

The super low-profile tires are pre-mounted with custom low-profile, scalloped inserts to help support the center of the tire. The Mono wheel, the standard width race winning design since 2013 is used as the base feature in this pre-mounted package. The combination fits the majority of all 2wd off-road buggy vehicles including Team Associated, Schumacher, XRAY, Yokomo, Serpent, and Mugen.


  • Pre-mounted on #3347 JConcepts wheels
  • JConcepts original tire design, details, and materials
  • Available on bright white or fluorescent yellow wheels
  • Low profile, wide body carcass layout
  • Reverse “water tower” pin shape
  • Radius positioned pin arrangement
  • Directional sidewall lugging
  • Ultra-light weight scalloped tire beads
  • Includes low-profile “scalloped” inserts

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