JConcepts Slash 4x4 - Front Bumper Conversion Kit -Scalpel

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Slash 4x4 - front bumper conversion kit (converts front end to accept #0240 Scalpel body)

(fits Slash 4x4, converts front end to accept #0240 Scalpel body)

Building the unique Scalpel speed-run vehicle centers around a new bumper design and layout.     The front bumper conversion kit comes complete with an assortment of high-end parts to ready the Slash 4x4 for function and durability.    Fiberglass upper and lower plates with hinge pin retainer build a stout structure.    Low-profile, aluminum body mounts for all 4 corners are included to slam the body to speed-run standards.   Bulky aluminum stand-offs and cushy / protective “touring car” style bumper assembled with high-end 3 and 4mm hardware throughout tighten the complete assembly.   

• Original JConcepts Scalpel design and concept
• Top quality fiberglass, aluminum and steel materials
• Aluminum, low profile body mounts for all 4 corners
• 3 and 4mm hardware included throughout
• High impact “touring car” style foam front bumper
• Detailed instruction sheet

Making the conversion:

Converting the Slash 4x4 to the Scalpel speed-run vehicle requires body, bumper conversion and tires and wheels are highly recommended.    The assembly is simple and takes only minutes to complete.    First, remove stock bumper assembly and replace with the newly acquired speed-run accessories and foam bumper.   Make small changes to suspension set-up to limit down and up travel per instructions.    Detail, paint and trim Scalpel body.   Prep, mount and glue JConcepts 2.8” G-Locs tires onto 2.8” Rulux wheels and secure to the vehicle.    Locate, mark and ream the body mount locations and drop Scalpel body into place.   Hit your favorite closed circuit for the wildest speed-runs imaginable. 

• 0240 - Illuzion - Slash 4x4 - Scalpel Speed Run body
• 2173 - Slash 4x4 - front bumper conversion kit
• 3056-00 - G-Locs - yellow compound - (fits 2.8" wheel)
• 3340B - Rulux - 2.8" E-Stampede - Rustler 2wd front and 4x4 F&R wheel

All bodies are sold clear and are shown painted for advertising purposes only. Tires, wheels and bodies are sold separately, unless otherwise specified.  JConcepts reserves the right to update or make changes to product, packaging or contents.

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