Pro-Line 1/10 Extended F/R Body Mounts: Tenacity (SCT/TT Pro)
Pro-Line 1/10 Extended F/R Body Mounts: Tenacity (SCT/TT Pro)

Pro-Line 1/10 Extended F/R Body Mounts: Tenacity (SCT/TT Pro)

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Pro-Line continues to innovate with more must-have accessories for your truck. The all-new Pro-Line body mount kit includes adjustable body mounts so you can fit more body options onto your Tenacity™ SCT & TT Pro! Just screw down the included setscrew into the body mount, place the O-Ring over the setscrew and mount your body as you normally would, but with the added safety, security, and styling of Pro-Line's innovative screw on body mounting system! This body mount system opens new body options, like tall SUV-style bodies, that you didn't have before due to the tall posts included with this system. If you have a Tenacity™ SCT or TT Pro, then this is a must-have upgrade. Get your own Extended Body Mount Kit today!

  • Completely Adjustable Body Mounts for Fitting Different Body options on to your Tenacity™ SCT & TT Pro
  • Innovative Screw-on Body Mounting System using Secure-Loc Caps
  • Never Worry About your Body Popping Off Again!
  • Also Works with the Stock Body
  • Long Body Mounts Included
  • Made from Ultra-Durable Nylon
  • Tenacity™ SCT & TT Pro (LOS03019 & LOS03019V2)

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