Sanwa MT-R Radio with 493i Receiver
Sanwa MT-R Radio with 493i Receiver

Sanwa MT-R Radio with 493i Receiver

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FH5 RF mode is higher resolution than former FH4 RF mode. Also, MT-R installed SUR (SANWA ULTRA RESPONSE) Mode which is faster mode than SSR (SANWA SUPER RESPONSE) mode which was installed in MT-S. Combination with FH5 RF mode and SUR mode will give great smooth feeling. Compatible receivers are RX-491, RX492, RX-492i RX-493, and RX-493i. (FH3 and FH4 compatible receivers as RX-38*, 45*, 46*, 47*, and 48* cannot be used for MT-R). *RX-492i and RX493i can be used with MT-R. But MT-R does not have indicator function, so indicator function does not work with MT-R.

  • White Led Back Light
  • Large Full-Dot Lcd Monitor(128X64Dot)
  • St Th Tension Adjustment
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Telemetry Function
  • Dual Rate
  • Servo Speed
  • Servo Reverse
  • Trim/Sub Trim
  • Curve(Exponential / Adjustable Rate Control)
  • Fail Safe(Radio Waves / Battery)
  • Function
  • Th Type(70:30/50:50)
  • Anti-Lock Brake
  • Model Name(10 Letters)
  • Model Memory(20 Models)
  • Model(Select/Clear/Copy)
  • Timer(Lap / Interval / Down)
  • Telemetry Setting
  • Key Assign(Sw / Trim)
  • Buzzer(Scale / Volume Changeable)
  • Transmitter Battery Alarm
  • Lcd Contrast
  • Volume Adjustment
  • Setup Wizard
  • Rf Mode Setting(Fh5)
  • Response Mode (Nor/Shr/Ssr/Sur)
  • Direct Model Select
  • Aux1(Select The Operation Type Of 3Ch)
  • Aux2(Select The Operation Type Of 4Ch)
  • Aux Type Setting
  • Code Aux (Compatible With Super Vortex Gen2 And Gen2 Pro & Pgs Servo
  • Series & Sgs-02 Menu) Step Aux (Step 1 To 100)
  • Point Aux (2 To 6 Point)
  • 4Ws Mixing (Front/Rear/Normal/Reverse
  • Moa Mixing(Front-Wheel-Drive/4Wd/Rear-Wheel-Drive)
  • Drive Rate Is Variable.
  • Aux Mixing (St Mixing, Th Mixing)
  • 4 Cell Dry Battery (Aa X4)
  • Compatible Receiver; Rx-491, 492, 492I, 493, 493I

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