Spaz Stix Sky Blue Mirror Chrome Aerosol Paint Can (3.5oz)
Spaz Stix Sky Blue Mirror Chrome Aerosol Paint Can (3.5oz)

Spaz Stix Sky Blue Mirror Chrome Aerosol Paint Can (3.5oz)

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Brand: Spaz Stix
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Sky Blue Chrome is specifically formulated for use on polycarbonate R/C car and truck bodies. It is applied "inside" the body, and shines through the clear plastic. It MUST be backed with Spaz Stix Ultimate Black Backer for Mirror Chrome (SZX10200 or SZX10209) to achieve desired results. If not backed, it will wipe away easily, and will have no durability.

When using on an "external" application, or surface other than polycarbonate, it must be applied over a base coat of the Ultimate Black Backer. It will be necessary to seal the Chrome with Spaz Stix Ultimate Clear Coat (SZX10900 or SZX10909). Apply clear coat in very light coats, with ample drying time between coats. Applying too much clear at once will dull the Chrome effect. Please note: It is difficult to achieve the full reflective qualities of this paint when used externally. ALWAYS practice on a scrap piece before proceeding with your project.


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This is one 3.5oz aerosol can.

Ships to the contintal 48 states of USA Only, No international shipments.


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