Xray GTX8 Aluminum Left Caster Block (2°)
Xray GTX8 Aluminum Left Caster Block (2°)

Xray GTX8 Aluminum Left Caster Block (2°)

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Authentic XRAY RIGHT-side 2° alu caster block & XRAY LEFT-side 2° alu caster block are CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum. Ultra-strong construction provides long lifespan & durability in even the most extreme racing conditions.

Designed specially for GT platform to increase the steering and to reduce the tire wear.

Includes XRAY composite bushings for super-precise and smooth steering action. Laser-engraved with XRAY logo, caster value, and ‘R’ & ‘L’ for quick & easy identification.

Precision machined with highest tolerances using premium fully-automatic German CNC-machines. High-quality coating is done at XRAY’s own in-house fully-robotic coating line, ensuring a perfect surface every time.

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