XRAY Spring Set C = 2.4 (2) (Short)
XRAY Spring Set C = 2.4 (2) (Short)

XRAY Spring Set C = 2.4 (2) (Short)

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This is a set of two optional XRAY Short, 2.4 rate, Shock Springs for the XRAY T1, T2, and T3 family of vehicles using the short shock set. These ultimate-match shock springs feature a stylish black finish, with laser-engraved values on the top spring coil for easy identification. These are the ultimate high-performance racing springs developed for rubber-tire racing. These springs offer better balance and an additional range of choices to fine-tune your car.

Developed through extensive testing and racing experience, these linear springs are shorter and have a larger internal diameter. The same thickness of wire is used for each spring, and stiffness is controlled by the number of coils. Softer springs have a lower "C" value and more coils; stiffer springs have a higher "C" value and fewer coils.

Available as a pair of springs to fit front or rear, these springs are individually measured, controlled, inspected and matched to provide identical damping characteristics. During the selection process, each spring is compressed in several fine increments and the values recorded, and then each spring is matched with another spring of identical characteristics. XRAY goes the extra mile to ensure each spring is perfectly matched, giving your car the predictability and consistency that you need to help you lead the pack.

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