Buying a drone or parts online

Whether you are an aspiring aerial photographer, YouTube creator, wildlife tracker, or just a normal seeker looking forward to experiencing something new, a drone would take you one step closer to your goals in life. 

Though it has been nearly a decade since drones have become mainstream in our lives, there is less information available about them available around us. This is why ahead we’ve written down everything you need to know about buying drone parts online. 

What are drones?

Drones are unmanned aerial machines that were initially created for military uses. However, with advancements in technology, these came to be used for recreational purposes, and now they are used for a myriad of things such as aerial photography, carrying cargo, inspection, surveillance, crowd control, and others. The cost associated with manufacturing them has come down significantly and so has their final price. This has also led to a proliferation of drone users. 

As of now, several countries are drafting their drone laws and making it easier for people to acquire one. All of these manifest that these technological machines have just started casting their spell on the world and there’s a lot to come. 

Which drone to buy?

This question is highly relevant and often Googled about. The answer to this question is much aversed ‘it depends’. So to elaborate our proposition, we have classified the drones as per different needs and requirements. In the beginning, we’ll discuss which drone would be best for you if you are just starting out. And slowly we’ll escalate the metric. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

  • Just starting out

Before beginning with the drones that’ll be suitable for you if you are just starting out, it’s important to know something. First of all, you should spend less than $200 on your first drone. Now as the amount you spend is less, there would be some facts you would need to make peace with, these are:

  1. The battery life would be low. A drone coming at this price would last 10-15 min on a full charge. So it’s wise to spend on multiple batteries if you plan to take it out on vacation. As if you possess a couple of extra batteries you won’t have to worry about charging it frequently. 
  2. Almost none of the beginner drones offer gimbal, that is, there may be no stabilization in videos. So you can’t expect to get those cinematic shots you look up on YouTube from these drones. You can surely edit videos in post-production. 
  3. These drones are also lightweight. While it is certainly good for training and repair purposes, as there won’t be any part that’ll get damaged, the downside is, the drone wouldn’t have that good maneuverability, and it would easily get swayed away by winds. 

So the above were some points that you need to accept before buying a beginner drone and you’ll never be disappointed. Now let’s straightaway talk about drones you could get your hands on as a beginner.

    • Revell Germany Nano Hexagon

This drone comes at a cheap and affordable price of $29.99. However, there are several features that it has to offer. You get a 4-channel GHz remote control making it easy to control. Manufacturers have fitted 6-axis gyros and 5 rotors which make it very stable in flight and therefore highly suitable for beginners. 

Even though it comes at a cheap price, the fun isn’t in any way left out. With its three-speed and flip function, you’ll be engrossed in flying it as it’ll give you a high thrill. The 6 color LEDs make it easy to fly in the night too, as you can spot it from any place. The best part about the drone is it comes with a built-in LiPo battery which can be quickly recharged with a USB charger. Now if you wish to buy the drone, click here and order it from our store, Absolute Hobbyz.

    • Traxxas LaTrax Alias Read to Fly Micro Electric Quadcopter Drone

Now going to below the $100 range, we bring you this quadcopter. This is a notch above the previous drone that we discussed. Coming with several features such as a 2.4 GHz radio system, four high-output motors, integrated bright colored LEDs, High capacity 650mAh LiPo battery, this drone would be fun to learn flying. 

The manufacturers have paid special attention to make it highly durable and this is where the uniquely molded composite frame comes into the picture. The whole design and built gives it a light look and finish, making it easy to fly. The elevated rotors are conducive to flying and help in preventing tangles when landing on grass. 

The package includes a spare rotor blade, 1.5 mm Hex Wrench, Thumbsticks, USB powered LiPo charger, Traxxas AAA Alkaline Batteries, and spare hardware. All of these things make sure you get the best deal.

Taking a step up?

If you are looking for a drone that is a notch above the one we’ve discussed and don’t mind shedding a good amount of money for the experience, here we have the DJI Spark Quadcopter Alpine White w/ remote.

DJI needs no introduction as it has carved its name in the field of drone technology. This drone delivers what the company promises. You get a flight time of 16 min along with a transmission distance of 1.2 miles or 2 km. The drone can also achieve a speed of 50 Km/h without any effort. 

For getting the best aerial shots possible, it comes packed with a 12 MP camera and 2 axis gimbal. Apart from these, there are a host of other features available such as subject tracking, flight autonomy with object detection, gesture and TapFly control, and the ability to control, edit and share with the DJI GO App. 

Buying the best Drone and Drone Parts

Having talked about drones, now if you wish to buy the best drones online available on the internet, head to our store, Absolute Hobbyz. Instead of dealing with one brand, we deal in a myriad of brands and bring out the best ones for you. Looking forward to serving you in the best way possible!

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