Spaz Stix Color Change Aerosol Paint Holographic (3.5oz)
Spaz Stix Color Change Aerosol Paint Holographic (3.5oz)

Spaz Stix Color Change Aerosol Paint Holographic (3.5oz)

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Not sure what color to paint your vehicle? Spaz Stix Color Changing paint is the perfect solution. This paint creates a "chameleon effect", which brings out a new color at every angle, especially in natural sunlight!

Spaz Stix Gold/Green Color Change paint is a translucent (see through) color that when applied correctly, will produce eye-popping results. Always apply a fine mist of Spaz Stix Surface Pre-Prep (SZX90050 or SZX90059) to the surface you are working on before using the Color Change paint. This helps eliminate fingerprints and undesirable swirls in your paint job. Color Change paints spray out very clear, and will require several light coats to achieve best results. At this point, the color will be very faint. After achieving an even finish with the Color Change paint, you MUST apply Spaz Stix High Gloss Black/Backer (SZX00110 or SZX00119), which will make your color "pop".

All Spaz Stix paints are formulated for use on polycarbonate material. Specifically, clear bodies for R/C cars and trucks. Be sure to test compatibility when using on other surfaces. If using for on an "external" application, apply the backer as a base coat, rather than after the Color Change paint. You will also need to apply a quality clear coat (SZX90109) to achieve a high lustre.

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